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[FOIL] X-MEN #25 (1991) EXCLUSIVE FOIL VARIANT [MEX] (04/24/2024)

[FOIL] X-MEN #25 (1991) EXCLUSIVE FOIL VARIANT [MEX] (04/24/2024)

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[FOIL] X-MEN #25 1993 EXCLUSIVE FOIL VARIANT [MEX] (04/24/2024)

Variant is in Spanish and is a Mexico Variant.

Exclusive NEW print run.

W - Fabian Nicieza A - Andy Kubert

Originally Published:
October 01, 1993

Magneto returns, more powerful than ever, and Professor X realizes it's time for their decades-long conflict to end, permanently. Professor X and Magneto square off against each other aboard Asteroid M and after Magneto strips Wolverine of his adamantium Professor X destroys Magneto's mind. Colussus stays behind to care for Magneto since he has now defected to the Acolytes.

*We do not guarantee raw grade on Mexico foil variants. 

*All street dates and art are subject to change by publishers.

*No holo

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